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At Massage For Life we are committed to providing high-quality massage therapy because we care deeply about providing pain relief. We utilize in-depth knowledge of soft tissue manipulation to aid our patients in meeting their goals of reducing pain, increasing flexibility, and improving function.

Team of Experts

Our experienced licensed massage therapists take the time to know each patient. This means that every ’body’ will be  given the individualized treatment and attention necessary to alleviate their discomfort.

Quality Care

Quality care starts with a conversation between the LMT and patient, so that each session begins with an informed approach. Additionally, our therapists request feedback throughout the treatment, in order to provide the best possible outcome for each patient’s condition.

Referral Services

Massage for Life is proud to say that we have a large referral network of practitioner’s. These practitioner’s include chiropractors, physical therapists, acupuncturists, medical doctors, and doctors of osteopathic medicine.  We do not hesitate to refer out because these professionals compliment and enhance medical massage.

The Massage for Life Difference

We consider every aspect of patient care to be equally important; from gathering pertinent information to scheduling full hands on sessions to staying up to date with different bodywork modalities. Our staff is not just friendly and caring but experienced in the medical community. Many of our patients have shared with us that they would like to avoid using medications or invasive procedures when possible. We offer them a more wholistic approach to pain management through medical and therapeutic massage. We pride ourselves on being medical professionals and therefore we do not expect or accept gratuities. MFL is changing the culture of the massage professional by offering our team steady shifts  and benefits that aren’t usually offered in this field. We support our staff by listening to their suggestions and feedback. We want to provide them with a greater work life balance.

Don’t put your better health, and greater relief, on hold.

Rejuvenate, Revitalize & Reinvigorate

Medical massage differs from your average treatment, or spa massage, in several important ways.  First, it is given only with a prescription, used as an important, and complementary, way to assist in your healing, regenerating the parts of you that need the most help.  Our well-trained specialists use their training and experience to achieve the results you are looking for.

Since coming to MFL, I have really felt excellent results. I would recommend the company and service to anyone with discomfort. Barbara is a fantastic massage therapist.

- Charlie K.

Amalia has truly helped my lower back & neck/shoulder area heal from years of pain and tightness. Her hands are magical and her personality is intoxicating! She’s so positive, kind, resourceful and intuitive. The office is clean and the staff is helpful and patient. I love MFL!!

- Claudia L.

The benefit of therapeutic massage has greatly improved the quality of my life.

- Michael Nizich

Medical massage has been wonderful for my fibromyalgia and trigeminal myalgia. It helps me live my life pain free.

- Kristina A