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Insurance Coverage for Massage Therapy

NYSHIP, the New York State Health Insurance Program, is a unique Empire Plan designed specifically for New York State’s Public Employees and Employers.

This Empire Plan pays for covered  hospital services, physicians’ bills,  prescription drugs, and various other medical treatments including massage therapy.


If you have NYSHIP, Medical Massage is a covered benefit.

"The benefit of therapeutic massage has greatly improved the quality of my life."

- Michael Nizich

"Medical massage has been wonderful for my fibromyalgia and trigeminal myalgia. It helps me live my life pain free."

- Kristina A

"I have gotten massages at MFL several times. Afterwards I always feel refreshed and relaxed! The therapists are always careful and communicative through the process so that I can receive the best service possible. MFL was vital in my recovery after suffering months of plantar fasciitis! MFL offers the prefect balance of professionalism and care."

- Andrea Wan

"I began treatment at MFL 2 1/2 years ago. I had severe pain in my knees and feet, so that I could not walk, and I became short of breath. With massage treatments, I no longer have severe pain and my breathing is improving. Medical massage has enabled me to be active again and enjoy life again."

- Linda D.