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We want you feeling noticeably better every time you leave a session at Massage for Life. Our massages are not simple resort or spa-type massages. All our massages are provided by experts and personalized -- always delivered to treat your specific issues and discomforts. Here at Massage for Life every individual is given individualized treatment, and every person is treated with care, and respect.

Medical Massage

Many doctors are finding that medical massage improves their patients  quality of life by easing their chronic pain and improving their activities of daily living. Specialists, such as orthopedists, neurologists, and chiropractors are now prescribing  medical massage as a complementary treatment.

Medical Massage is a goal-oriented treatment of soft tissue that can aid in reducing pain and tension. It also helps to decrease inflammation and muscle spasm, as well as increase range of motion.

If you have a condition or injury that may benefit from medical massage, ask your doctor about obtaining a prescription or referral.

If you have NYSHIP, you are covered for Medical Massage

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage tends to be holistic, treating the whole person, and so doing increases our relaxation response.  Most therapeutic massages focus on the entire body, not just one or two parts.  Its aim is to soften tight muscles, tissue and fascia, and provide deep relaxation.  At the same time, it can improve circulation and boost our energy.

A good therapeutic massage provided by experts can even improve our mood or general alertness, and so elevate our entire sense of well-being.  Like Medical Massage, it too can be restorative, and facilitate healing or recovery from injury.

Conditions We Treat

Back & Neck Pain
Leg Pain
Chronic or Acute Pain
Post Surgery

"The benefit of therapeutic massage has greatly improved the quality of my life."

- Michael Nizich

"Medical massage has been wonderful for my fibromyalgia and trigeminal myalgia. It helps me live my life pain free."

- Kristina A

"I have gotten massages at MFL several times. Afterwards I always feel refreshed and relaxed! The therapists are always careful and communicative through the process so that I can receive the best service possible. MFL was vital in my recovery after suffering months of plantar fasciitis! MFL offers the prefect balance of professionalism and care."

- Andrea Wan

"I began treatment at MFL 2 1/2 years ago. I had severe pain in my knees and feet, so that I could not walk, and I became short of breath. With massage treatments, I no longer have severe pain and my breathing is improving. Medical massage has enabled me to be active again and enjoy life again."

- Linda D.